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Fabrikant: Dorian Yates
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Dorian Yates Black Bombs 300g Fat Burner Description

Meet the newest, strongest, hypermetabolic, calorie-burning supplement on the market: BLACK BOMBS! When six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates competed, everyone agreed that he was as hard and as dry as granite. So, if you think the most freaky-ripped Mr “O” of all time left anything on the table when formulating BLACK BOMBS, you should get your head examined!
This is quite simply the perfect “competition strength” fat burner, designed for guys who put everything on the line to remove every last drop of muscle-blurring fat from their physiques without losing an ounce of hard-earned muscle! This combination of a precise ratio of scientifically studied stimulant extracts and alkaloids is formulated not only to be the hardest-core fat burner on the market but to also jack up energy and performance levels through the roof!

BLACK BOMBS amplifies your metabolic rate to maximize fat burning. It also decreases appetite and cravings. That makes you an around-the-clock fat-burning machine and much less likely to cheat on your all-important diet. So BLACK BOMBS covers all the fat-loss bases, increasing the fat that your body oxidizes and decreasing your intake of the sugars and starches that turn off the body’s fatburning
switches and put it in “storage mode.”

BLACK BOMBS is specifically formulated for bodybuilders and hardcore exercisers who need the
strongest possible fat-loss and appetite-suppressing support. This is not a product for “part-timers”
or guys trying fat burners for the first time. This is for guys who’ve been in the trenches, guys who can eat conventional, mainstream fat burners like candy! BLACK BOMBS has been personally tested by one of the most discriminating bodybuilders of all time—Dorian Yates—along with several other professional physique athletes the world over… and it’s only been released to the public in its final form now, after the pros gave it a unanimous thumbs-up! So please, if you are sensitive to stimulants or haven’t used
fat burners before, we urge you not to take this product!.

• Increased Thermogenesis: A multi-study review concluded that ingredients in BLACK BOMBS
significantly increase thermogenesis (excess calorie burning due to heat production).
• Increased Fat Burning: A key ingredient in BLACK BOMBS is shown to increase fat oxidation (the
burning of fat) by over 15 percent in a meta-analysis of several scientific studies.
• Decreased Abdominal Fat: A key constituent in BLACK BOMBS decreased abdominal fat over
2500 percent greater than placebo (–7.7 percent versus –0.3 percent) versus caffeine alone and
substantially reduced serum triglycerides.
• Increased Exercise Performance: Key ingredients in BLACK BOMBS significantly increase multiple measures of exercise performance.
• Rapid Release Tablet Technology: BLACK BOMBS is designed with rapid release technology so that the tablet begins breaking down almost immediately upon ingestion – so it starts working fast!
• Reduced Appetite: Ingredients in BLACK BOMBS have been shown to not only stimulate the body’s appetite-suppressing hormones but also decrease food intake.
• Decreased Body Fat and Body Weight: A key ingredient in BLACK BOMBS has been shown to decrease body fat and help subjects lose inches from their waists.

Other ingredients:

Taurine, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Cherry Flavour, Beet Root Powder, Sucralose, Silicone Dioxide


Recommended dosage:

Black Bombs are designed for competitive bodybuilders and/or anyone looking to burn fat: To experience the fat loss power, start off by taking 1 serving with 300-400 mil of cold water 2 times daily. Take the first serving 30-60 minutes before breakfast. Take second serving 30-60 minutes before lunch. Take one of these serving before your workout. Do not take more than 2 servings in any 4-hour period and/or 4 servings every 24 hours.

Warnings: Do not take within 5 hours of sleep. Taking Black Bombs mare than recommended dose will not improve or speed up the result.

Note: We recommend you see a physician or nutritionist if you have any questions regarding the use of our product. Nutritional information may vary depending on flavor.

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