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Producent: Real Pharm
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Weight: 1kg
  • strawberry
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Muscle ON

Muscle ON by Real Pharm is the most revolutionary mass gainer on the market! No one has ever created a similar bulk formula combining such a variety of active ingredients, which enable you to get spectacular lean muscle gain!

Mass gain workout yields real effects only when you are supporting natural anabolic processes with appropriate supplementation! Now you have a chance to test the most powerful supplement on the market – Muscle ON by Real Pharm, which will enable you to achieve the results have always dreamed of!

The unique formula of Muscle ON by Real Pharm increases the length of anabolic state, which determines your muscle gain. The combination of top quality carbohydrates, proteins and key vitamins is a guarantee of our product’s effectiveness!
What makes Muscle ON by Real Pharm so effective? By using knowledge and experience we are able to create supplements which directly address all nutritional requirements of your body. The perfect composition of active compounds will enable you to notice the effects of Muscle ON almost immediately, without having to worry about excessive weight gain!

Real Pharm Muscle ON guarantees

quick and effective increase of muscle size without the side effects of supplementation such as increase in body fat, allowing you to maintain an ideally proportional physique. Our product is designed for professional athletes, including bodybuilders, as well as all amateurs who want to develop perfectly shaped muscles!

No matter whether you workout occasionally or spend many hours in the gym, Real Pharm Muscle ON will guarantee proper nourishment for your muscles and supply all ingredients essential for quick growth. Only our product contains top quality active compounds in such a perfectly designed composition! Other supplements are full of additives that reduce the amount of valuable nutrients to the minimum, making you pay for the fillers – Real Pharm always aims at Customer satisfaction and therefore our supplements are completely free from any artificial fillers. As a result, their effect is immediately noticeable, the bioavailability of active compounds is increased, and the products have a beneficial effect on your health!

Real Pharm Muscle ON will enable you to enjoy the unique properties of 4 protein fractions characterized by different absorption rates. They are responsible for protecting muscle proteins against the harmful effects of catabolic reactions while providing your muscles with essential nutrients  which affect their growth rate.
What is more, Real Pharm Muscle ON contains 3 types of carbohydrates characterized by different glycemic indexes, which results in prolonged and stable release of energy and supplementation of muscle glycogen stores. The formula of Real Pharm Muscle On was completed by the addition of vitamins and medium-chain fatty acids found in MCT oil, which will help you to gain muscle mass without getting any additional fat!

Try it and see for yourself that only Real Pharm Muscle ON provides such a variety of top quality active compounds in every serving. With our product you can be sure that you are choosing a wholesome source of amino acids, MCT oil which is known for its thermogenic properties as well as a healthy portion of carbohydrates and vitamins designed to meet nutritional requirements of your body.

The composition of Real Pharm Muscle ON speaks for itself, and its results will make you choose it as your ideal mass gainer supplement!  Choose the spectacular and powerful effect of Muscle ON – take the challenge, don’t be surprised and see for yourself that you can achieve more than ever before.

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