Mars - Xtra Choco Protein Bar 57g

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Mars Limited Edition Xtra Choc 'Protein' Bar - (57g)

YES...this has REALLY happened and OF COURSE we needed it ASAP!! LOVE a Mars Bar?! (Silly question I know) BUT totally unjustifiable right?! WRONG! Not anymore!! First the guys at Mars created a Mars 'Protein' bar...well now, we've got that same beloved Mars bar...but with XTRA CHOC! Because you can never have enough chocolate, right? Still packing 18g of protein per bar with the SAME uncompromising flavour of a Mars Bar, still chocolate-y still FULL of nougat with a now chocolate flavoured caramel layer!! Mars Bars just got XTRA awesome!!

So what's all that different from the original Mars protein bar here? Weeellll...not alot *flavour-wise*; signature Mars chocolate is still present and correct, along with caramel and a fudgy centre too. Yep, it TASTES like a Mars bar! To earn the 'Xtra Choc' moniker, yep, there's definitely more of a chocolate note running through here (which we're putting down to a distinctly more chocolatey caramel layer...and, indeed, the ingredients specially call out 'chocolate flavoured caramel' this time around! It's almost truffle-like in its intensity) and this DOES give these bars a new drool-factor lease of life beyond that of its forebear (just try melting one of these like we did!! #foodporn)

No, for us, the 'Xtra' cool thing? Somehow, despite tasting that much more indulgent, Mars have dropped 5g (!!) of sugar from the bar! The old Mars Protein bar? 13g. Xtra Choc? Just 8g. Niiiiice. Calories, fats and carbs are all down too, at the expense of just 1g of protein (18g protein in a Mars bar is still pretty epic, though!

The PERFECT post-workout snack we think you'll agree?! At only 188 calories too?! It's a Pick & Mix miracle!!! We can't quite believe it ourselves yet!! 


Why the Mars Limited Edition Xtra Choc 'Protein' Bar
  • 18g high quality protein
  • Tastes truly special (especially with all that extra chocolate caramel!)
  • 5g sugar less than the original Mars Protein Bar

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