L-Glutamine Xtreme 400g - 100 portions

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L-GLUTAMINE extreme is an improved formula of glutamine, one of the most popular amino acid products used in body building and other professional sports. Glutamine is the most important amino acid building our muscles. During each intensive training the body consumes approx. 30-40g of this nutrient. To rebuild the lost glutamine muscle proteins are used, which results in muscle tissue loss. 

Glutamine is responsible for preventing this negative process in the body (glutamine hinders the production of enzymes damaging proteins) in this way accelerating post-exertion regeneration, which leads to quicker recovery of muscle fibres. L-GLUTAMINE extreme is a combination of appropriately proportioned pharmaceutical micronized L-glutamine with its more stable and bioabsorbent form i.e. N-acetyl-L-glutamine (NAG). Among a number of the forms of glutamine, NAG is its best and most quickly absorbent form. This results in even quicker volumising and regeneration of cells. 

The rate of protein synthesis is especially important in the periods before and after workouts, when it is a priority to ensure immediate effect of a product - here N-acetyl-L-glutamine is a perfect solution.When we are concerned with slow but equal product absorption e.g. during longer periods of exertion catabolism, L-glutamine provides muscles with anti-catabolic protection. L-GLUTAMINE extreme is characterised by the highest purity and micronization, which leads to maximum absorption in the body. Trec Nutrition L-glutamine is manufactured by a Japanese laboratory Kyowa. The product is characterised by the highest purity and micronization, which leads to maximum absorption in our bodies. The product is has the form of easily soluble snow-white powder.

L-GLUTAMINE XTREME is an advanced premix of high quality, fast absorbable forms of L-glutamine, the most important amino acid for building muscles. The body uses high amounts of this valuable resource during each period of intensive training. Muscle proteins are used to restore L-glutamine levels, leading to a loss of muscle mass. L-GLUTAMINE XTREME combines micronized free L-glutamine with the more stable and bioavailable N-acethyl L-glutamine. L-GLUTAMINE XTREME protects muscles from catabolism and accelerates muscle growth.

4 g - L-Glutamine Matrix

Use a single serving of the product - 3 capsules or, for the powder - 4 g (1 scoop) 3 times a day with 300 ml of water. On workout days: 1st serving in the morning after getting up, 2nd serving immediately after workout, 3th serving at bedtime. On non-workout days: 1st serving in the morning after getting up, 2nd serving between meals, 3th serving at bedtime.

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