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Producent: Real Pharm
Stan magazynowy: brak towaru.
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  • raspberry/strawberry
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Are you looking for a natural way to improve blood flow within organs and tissues? Do you want to enjoy the ability to make better use of each workout and excellent physical fitness? Dietary supplement citrulline will allow you to improve the functioning of the body and provide optimal oxygenation of the muscles during exercise!

Citrulline is the highest quality preparation in the form of powder, dedicated to all physically active, among others, professional athletes. The supplement used to supplement the daily diet with high quality citrulline malate, which the human body can not produce itself.

Thanks to his action present in the preparation citrulline allows .:

  • Faster build muscle mass
  • Increase blood flow through the blood vessels
  • For maximum muscle oxygenation
  • To provide tissues and organs more nutrients from food
  • prevent zakwasom
  • Reduce physical and mental fatigue
  • Increase the production of ATP
  • Raise levels of nitric oxide
  • To obtain a satisfactory effect of the muscle pump
  • Increase the number of key metabolites in the body

The use of citrulline malate for quick and effective use of the potential, so important for the health and form of any athlete amino acid, which is citrulline. It is better supplied with blood, nutrients and oxygenated muscles will help you achieve every goal training and carry out more intense and longer workouts!

Citrulline, this is your chance to quickly achieve the goals! Bet on the quality and reliable operation of the best in the supplement market, which in addition to the excellent effects of the guarantee you the satisfaction in use.

If you want to contribute to the overall functioning of the body loaded workouts, you dream of building the perfect physique and want to take care to ensure your muscles optimal conditions for efficient work, it citrulline meet all your expectations!

Check and see that the quality of supplements used by you is critical and can significantly accelerate the effects of training and increase the absorption by the body they contain active compounds!

active ingredients

3 g per serving


2.66 g

Ingredients: citrulline malate, acid - citric acid, flavors, sweeteners - sucralose, acesulfame K, anti-caking agent - silicon dioxide, acidity regulator - calcium phosphate, dyes (for flavor Lemon Orange- beta carotene, for Exotic flavor - concentrated beet juice, beta carotene, for Raspberry-Strawberry flavor - concentrated beet juice, to taste Forest fruit - indigo).

Dietary supplement citrulline by Real Pharm is intended for use by athletes of all sports enthusiasts and active lifestyle.
The natural formulation can gain the maximum effect of the muscle pump and guarantees optimum degree of perfusion and oxygenation of all organs and tissues.
The preparation citrulline Real Pharm, in particular, is recommended for use during intensive training focused on the development of muscle mass and improve overall physical fitness, as well as to reduce appearing during okołotreningowym fatigue.
Thanks to its unique properties, citrulline, Real Pharm can improve physical performance and provides optimum levels of nutrition muscle tissue.
The product is recommended for use by healthy people; Citrulline, should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Before use refer to the method of dosing and contraindications that prevent supplementation.

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