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Content: 30 kaps.
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For a beautiful and deep tan Sun & Sunbed !

The product contains beta- carotene, which :
- Fights free radicals , reducing excessive sensitivity to the sun
- Slows down the aging process of the skin by supporting the regenerative processes
- Gives the skin a tan color through accumulation in the subcutaneous tissue
- Protects against free radicals
- Helps maintain healthy skin
- An important advantage of the beta- carotene is its protective effect on the collagen fibers

Beta carotene is recommended especially during the spring and summer , because putting in the subcutaneous layer , maintains skin's natural protection against harmful ultraviolet rays

Beta carotene is a provitamin of vitamin A. Its most important function - as an antioxidant - is to protect the body against the damaging effects of free radicals , which harm cell membranes and other cell structures , may cause premature aging of the body
Beta - carotene in combination with a complex of valuable vitamins for beauty , a unique formula of supporting the beautiful appearance of your skin.

Beta - carotene vitamin C and E belong to the group of antioxidants strongest neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals which can arise particularly in a large amount during sunbathing

If you start to take beta - carotene for 2-3 weeks before tanning , dye accumulated in the skin will be reflected unfavorable rays and will act as a natural sunscreen .

Beta - carotene, through accumulation in the subcutaneous tissue , give the skin a nice shade of tan .
Beta - carotene accumulates in the skin and gives the skin a slightly brownish- orange hue.

Beta - carotene, especially in a duet with vitamin E , an important antioxidant.
Together neutralize the adverse effects of free radicals, which are a common cause of serious lifestyle diseases , such as atherosclerosis , cancer or diabetes .
Vitamin A is beneficial for the functioning of the eye , and vitamin E provides better
protect and nourish the skin from the inside

Unabsorbed beta- carotene is excreted from the body

Dietary Supplement Beta - Carotene Sun Forte is rich with beta carotene , vitamin C and vitamin E.
Included in the dietary supplement vitamin C helps in proper production of collagen in order to ensure the proper functioning of the skin.
Vitamin C helps in the regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E.
Vitamins C and E help protect cells against oxidative stress - the production of free radicals that accelerate the aging process .
Beta - carotene (provitamin of vitamin A) helps to maintain healthy skin .

The entire production is carried out in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP ( Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and carried out according to international technology standards

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Serving Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving:
Beta-carotene 6 mg
Vitaminc C 12 mg
Vitamin E 6 mg
*RDA%: Percent of the Recommended Daily Allowance. 
† RDA not established in the EU.

Other Ingredients:
microcrystalline cellulose – filling substance, magnesium stearate – anti-caking agent, capsule (gelatin)
Allergen Info: 

Recommended Use:
For dietary support take 1-2 capsule a day between meals.

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