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Model: REAPHARM#WHEY100#2250
Producent: Real Pharm
Stan magazynowy: brak towaru.
Weight: 2,25kg
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Real Pharm Whey 100 is a premium grade protein supplement, based on highest quality instant form whey protein, which is rarely seen on the market.

The product is intended mainly for those interested in building up pure muscle mass and improving their strength results.

Containing only trace amounts of carbohydrates and fat, it is perfect also for those who wish to lose excess weight. It supports anti-catabolic reactions, thus protecting muscle tissue. Another advantage of our product is the fact, that it is absorbed from the alimentary canal within only several minutes.

Real Pharm Whey 100 has a very rich aminogram, including increased BCAA concentration and glutamine. Its rich amino acid profile is precisely described on the package, so that we can fully understand the functionality of this supplement.
The supplement is available in multiple flavors – everyone will find something for themselves.

Nutrition Value 100g 30g
Energy 382,50 kcal/1601 KJ 115 kcal/480 KJ
Fat 5,7g 1,71g
of which saturates 2,1g 0,63g
Carbohydrates 4,8g 1,44g
of which sugars 4,8g 1,44g
Fibre 0,8g 0,24g
Protein 78g 23,4g
Salt 0,5g 0,15g



Nutrition Value 100g 30g
Energy 374,5 kcal/1568 KJ 112 kcal/470 KJ
Fat 6,5g 1,95g
of which saturates 2,2g 0,66g
Carbohydrates 7g 2,1g
of which sugars 4g 1,2g
Fibre 1,6g 0,48g
Protein 72g 21,6g
Salt 0,5g 0,15g

Ingredients: whey protein concentrate, cocoa (in chocolate flavor), aroma, citric acid (for strawberry flavor), carboxymethyl cellulose (thickener), sucralose (sweetener), the coloring concentrate of beet juice, beta-carotene, caramel E150c, riboflavin E101 - used according to taste. It contains sweeteners.

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