Mr.Big - Mineral low carb - 1000ml

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Mr.Big MINERAL LOW CARB is a superior concentrate enriched with isotonic energy substances as well as vitamins and minerals, with a very low carbohydrate content. It is used to make up these components before , during and after exercise .Lack of these substances , as occurs when increased physical mainly afterwards, not only decreases the ability to exercise , but it may be dangerous to health. Complementary water , vitamins and electrolytes lost during exercise can protect the player against health threats , and also improves the effort and effects of training . MINERAL LOW CARB is enriched further by l -carnitine and magnesium.


Mr. Big is one of the best and most popular brands in the demanding German market. It belongs to the group of MTL Power Food -producing nutrients for several brands from around the world , including the U.S. for leading companies . Established since 1987 , has therefore extensive experience in the manufacture of dietary and nutritional supplements for athletes. Mr.Big All products are manufactured in Germany under the most stringent quality requirements in force in this country . The company has an extensive distribution network throughout Europe.

Countries in which Mr. products are available . Big are: Germany , Netherlands, Belgium , Austria , Switzerland , Italy , Spain , Slovenia, Denmark , Sweden , Norway , Slovakia, Czech Republic , Russia. Now, thanks to the company Athlete boat , this group also joined Poland . Mr. products . Big guarantee the highest quality , adequate to the quality at a fair price and assortment tailored to the needs of each client. Their quality , purity and recipes determine the best German specialists in the field of nutrition , pharmacy and biochemistry.

Each batch is inspected and approved by Lebensmittelüberwachung - German health services , and tested by chemists. Then receives a quality certificate and admission to the sale . Extremely stringent German health requirements mean that we can guarantee that Mr. nutrients and supplements . Big are free from dirt , prohormones and steroids .

Mr.Big Supplements are produced in the largest and most renowned German production plants Anon All products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of pharmaceutical products , and in accordance with the quality standards PHARMA- NIVEA , International Food Standard (IFS ) ISO 9001 : 2000 , HACCP : Hazzard Analysis Critical Control Point System , GMP


1 liter concentrate enough to cook a up to 80 liters of the drink.

Method consumption : 9 ml mixed in 720 ml of water. Drink during training .


Energy: 100 ml: 1 portion 9 ml:
 179 kJ / 42 kcal 16.1 kJ / 3,8 kcal

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