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Trec – 100% Vitamins & Minerals – 60 caps.

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100% VITAMINS & MINERALS contains 100% of daily requirement for the most important vitamins and minerals. It contains three forms of magnesium which contributes to decreasing fatigue and proper energy metabolism. 100% VITAMINS & MINERALS contains different capsules for different part of the day. That is why it gives you what you need in the exactly right time.

Take a single serving of the product ‒ 1 capsule with 300 ml of water. Take 1 red capsule after breakfast and 1 black capsule 30 min. before bedtime.

Nutrition information
Active ingredients
100% VITAMINS (red capsule)1 cap**
Vit. C80,00 mg (100%)
Niacin16,00 mg (100%)
Vit. E12,00 mg (100%)
Pantothenic Acid6,00 mg (100%)
Vit. B61,40 mg (100%)
Riboflavin1,40 mg (100%)
Thiamine1,10 mg (100%)
Vit. A800,00 µg (100%*)
Folic Acid200,00 µg (100%*)
Biotin50,00 µg (100%*)
Vit. D5,00 µg (100%*)
Vit. B122,50 µg (100%*)
100% MINERALS (black capsule)
Magnesium375,00 mg(100%*)
Iron14,00 mg(100%*)
Zinc10,00 mg(100%*)
Manganese2,00 mg(100%*)
Copper1,00 mg(100%*)
Iodine150,00 µg (100%*)
Selenium55,00 µg (100%*)
Molybdenum50,00 µg (100%*)
Chromium40,00 µg (100%*)

* Reference Intake
** Daily portion of product


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