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The owner of the web site and store PowerProtein.nl is the company Power Protein located in Hilversum. The company sells supplements of virtually all brands available on the market of the EU and articles for martial arts.
Our ambition is to provide our customers with the best offer and service on the highest level.
Due to minimizing costs and many international contacts, we are able to offer the best prices in the supplements market and sport nutrition. Besides we guarantee fast delivery and expert advice on the implementation of our products.

Company Data :

Power Protein
Ohmstraat 10P
3861NB Nijkerk

BTW: NL002520087B24
KvK: 56565372
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1. Orders in our store can be made through the order form, each of the orders placed in this way is treated as a sale and purchase agreement made ​​through the Internet. Every client regardless of the form of placing the order, ie. either by phone or through the online store accepts the following terms and conditions.

2. Each client logging in or purchasing from our store without logging agrees to the processing of personal data by Power Protein. Power Protein Company processes and stores customers data from website www.PowerProtein.nl in accordance with Dutch law and in particular with the Law on Personal Data Protection.

3. Power Protein Company reserves the right to not execute orders that raise our concerns for example,  incomplete address, excessive amount of once ordered goods without use of tab wholesale orders, no contact number etc..
At the same time we require each customer to provide current phone number and e-mail address so that Power Protein can have contact regarding the order.

4. Webshop is available 24 hours a day, year round. This means that every customer can place an order regardless of the time of day. This does not mean that our staff works 24 hours a day. Our company can be reached from 9 to 18 – from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday we are available to the customers from 9:00 to 15:00.

5. Prices presented in the shop at www.PowerProtein.nl are prices in EURO and include the BTW  tax (VAT). Power Protein is obliged to inform their customers of price changes that may occur after placing the order, if the price in such case will not be liable to the customer the order will be immediately canceled. Preparation of the goods for shipment take us 24 to 72 hours on working days. Power Protein company does not work only on Sundays. All packages are being sent from Monday till Friday (till and including) via courier PostNL. In case of the absence of a product, the customer is informed within 24 hours with a proposal for the purchase of a similar product from the range of another brand. The customer can also resign from the part of an order.

6. The received product may slightly differ in appearance from product image. This is caused due to frequent changes of packaging designs by manufacturers.

7. The customer can choose the taste of nutrients by providing this information in a comment. However, the information provided by the customer must be given in a clear and lucid manner by indicating the selected flavor. In case when the taste is not mentioned the employees of Power Protein will choose the random taste. If employees will not be able to contact the client in any way regarding the exchange of flavor that is not available after 48 hours they will send chosen by them flavor. If Power Protein sends the supplement with a different flavor after 48 hours waiting for the response of the customer does not authorize him in any way for making a complaint. In such cases Protein Power company offers, the exchange of goods or refund the paid amount after deducting all costs connected with shipping.

8. Power Protein Company is not responsible for delays in the delivery of parcels caused by incompetence of post or courier services. At the same time we are committed to the fastest possible execution of orders. If the customer refuses to accept the sent product without prior contact he is charged by any costs that occur.

9. Orders are delivered to the address indicated in the order form. In the case when the customer is already logged in at our store but would like to receive the parcel at a different address, he is asked to put this information in the comments to the order. If there is no such information package will be sent to the address of the order form. Any changes of address, taste, quantity and type of the product are only accepted via e-mail. This means that we do not accept changes made ​​via a phone call or communicator  gg; skype. It is possible to remove the order as long as the order has the status unrealized.  After it changes the status into “order sent” the removal of the order is no longer possible and all costs connected with not collecting the parcel shall be borne by the customer.

10. In case of complaints please contact our office or warehouse in the first instance. If the client collects a damaged shipment from the courier or postman he always does it at his own risk. Power Protein Company does not consider complaints about damaged packages and ensures that the packages that are leaving their headquarters are complete and intact. Please note that the collection of a damaged package prevents the claims for missing or damaged content of the package. In such case we recommend to each client, the refusal to accept the package due to damage.

11. When you buy products in our store, you can return the goods during 10 working days without giving a reason. Refund or exchange of goods is always at the expense of the customer. The money return for the product on bank account or personal address of the client is only possible under condition that the goods are untouched. This means that the package is not opened and none of the seals are broken. The company Power Protein does not accept complaints of open products.

12. Power Protein Company does not consider making a complaint that did not came from us. This means that when a customer orders a product after receiving it finds that it is compromised and so is not suitable for use, our company would first check the serial number of the product LOT to determine whether a product originates from our warehouse. In situation that the above-mentioned serial number advertised goods will not match to a series of the goods in the warehouse’s Power Protein complaint will not be taken into account.

13. In case of loss of parcel caused by Post or Courier Power Protein company agrees to immediately place a complaint to the carrier. The time of complaint is extended in such a case, to the time necessary for the shipping company to consider the complaint. Regarding the Post explanatory activities take one month and regarding the courier up to three months. Power Protein Company undertakes to return a lost item or cash equivalent within 7 working days after receiving compensation from the carrier mentioned above. Reimbursement is always a bank transfer to the account previously indicated by the person making the complaint.

14. The company Power Protein does not take responsibility for  too long delivery time caused by carriers, the post or the courier cooperating with our company. The proof of delivering the goods to the carrier….

15. Discounts in the shop www.PowerProtein.nl do not link with each other.

16. Products

Running out of –     this means 0-10 pieces on stock
Average number – this means 10-50 pieces on stock
Large number –     this means 50-100 pieces on stock

17. Shop Power Protein reserves the right to remove orders that were marked with the option “bank transfer” and “PayPal” after 24 hours of creating orders and not paying them. Such orders will be removed without warning.
Please think through your shopping.
If you are not sure whether you want to buy the goods you do not have to confirm the purchase you can hold in your cart until you make a decision.

18. Company Power Protein reserves the right to change the rules and recommend customers to re-familiarize themselves with it while placing a new order, because every purchase leads directly to its acceptance.
If any resolution of the Regulations will be legally acknowledged by court as invalid, the other regulations  remain valid.

If you have questions, please write: contact@powerprotein.nl


Power Protein team !